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A Note To Our Friends


More than just a simple shelter or a place to hang your hat, a home is built to nurture. It’s a haven to keep loved ones safe, to enrich and delight. A place for loved ones to gather and a place for them to grow. It is a vital piece of a community. Building a home is about more than building walls and putting on roofs. It is about a promise made to those living within its walls that it will continue to last. So, building a home is more than a job. It’s a responsibility, because home is where families invest their dreams, their lives and their future.

eQ Homes has built a reputation for creating homes and communities that live up to this standard. It is a philosophy that grew from a passion for doing things the right way the first time. And time has proven the wisdom of these values.

We benefit from the expertise of our parent company, Regional Group, whose six-plus decades of experience have laid the foundation for eQ Homes’ continued success which we can sum up in two simple, yet powerful words. Two words which convey the eQ Homes culture of integrity, craftsmanship, innovation, and long-term thinking:

Enduring Quality.
Here, we define what Enduring Quality means for both ourselves and our homebuyers. Enjoy!

Yours truly,
Dave Wallace
President, eQ Homes

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace
President & CEO, eQ Homes